jantar empresaThe capital of Portugal is a fantastic city to host your next conference, launch or event. Direct Flights from all main European locations get guests to Lisbon with minimal hassle and cost effective, high quality accommodation ensure they will enjoy their stay. It’s also great value for money.

The city is small compared to some other capital cities in Europe making it easy to find your way around and see the attractions during your stay. A great way to travel around the city is by hopping on the traditional trams which run all around Lisbon. For a truly personal experience you can hire a tram for your party to visit local attractions.

Lisbon has excellent conference facilities and sublime dinning venues. Palacio Conde D’Obidos is just one of many magnificent venues. This unknown little gem is actually the home of the Portuguese Red Cross. With stunning blue and white tiles lining the outside and inside of the venue, a magnificent terrace overlooks the River oh…and it comes with its own private chapel!

For your style sazzy delegates, Bica do Sapato is a must see, serving traditional Portuguese dishes with a modern twist . Part-owned by John Malkovich, this trendy dockside venue has a great view of the Tagus River that is sure to impress.

For evening entertainment Lisbon offers an unforgettable Opera house. The Teatro Nacional de São Carlos attracts opera and ballet aficionados from all over Europe and top companies from around the world perform at the 18th-century theatre. A spectacular traditional venue by candlelight.

And if opera is not really your scene then the Aquaduct of Lisbon might be more up your street. Mãe d’Àgua is located in the heart of the city, the facility was the key water reservoir for Lisbon but modern technology has rendered the reservoir obsolete. The beauty of Mãe d’Àgua is now open to the public. Stairs allow visitors to climb to the top of the fountain for an extraordinary view of the facility. A further climb leads to a panoramic terrace on the roof for equally extraordinary views of Lisbon.

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