MobileEventNo more flipcharts and whiteboards – let’s get interactive!

We have summarised a great range of conference interactive technologies, why they are useful and effective in different situations and how they can help your next conference run more smoothly.

Voting keypads

Delegates answer a series of questions via the credit card sized voting keypad. Their responses are then displayed (anonymously if you prefer) on a big screen allowing the speaker to use the information and understand the audience’s views.

Voting keypads create an interactive and engaging environment which aids attentiveness. The credit card sized voting keypads can be used by just a handful of people or hundreds at a time!

Virtual meetings

A virtual meeting can combine the best of both worlds. You may have the majority of your audience at one venue, but your meeting can easily be extended to include participants/speakers in other locations (even overseas), who can actively contribute to the meeting using two-way communication.

Using the Audiences’ own devices

Delegates using their own devices will help avoid those ‘how does this work?’ questions. Cost is another reason; if you don’t need a specific device to run conference software, sometimes specialist hardware can be hard to justify.

As delegates are using their own devices, it means the event app created can be updated or amended right up to the day before the conference. A good option if there’s a short lead-time. And it can be accessed pre, during and post conference too as part of your wider conference communications.

All your delegates need to do is connect to the app via their browser and they’re good to go. They can ask the presenter questions, browse the event agenda and give feedback.

iPads & iPad mini

iPads are increasingly popular and extremely useful for group interaction. Delegates are also often already familiar with the iPad. All conference information can be put on iPads. Agendas for the day, who is speaking, lunch time etc.

Word clouds is great for conferences. Each delegate types in a word and a word cloud will appear on the screen at the front. This is perfect for sharing other people’s views quickly.

Connectors – exclusively available with IML

Take interaction within conferences to the next level… IML connectors can be used to collect instant data which can be collected from answering multiple choice questions. Very interactive, very easy to use. A in-built microphone enables the delegates to speak directly to the entire audience without having to pass a microphone backwards and forwards. Plug some earphones in and it can also be used as a simultaneous translation device.

Submitted messages are organised, filtered and prioritised in the text module. These messages can then be relayed to a presenter / facilitator via a tablet device or displayed on the main screen.

Looking ahead….

Lumi Mobile and QuickMobile have recently formed a global strategic partnership. This will see Lumi’s patented Join In audience polling and discussion application integrated into its MobileEvent app solution. It will enable conference organisers to manage all delegate information via their own bespoke app.

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