Yes, you can run most details of your events from your Smartphone – you just need to know which apps to use. So to save you the time and energy of reviewing and finding the best apps, here are our top 10 best apps in 2014 for your events:

1) FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker

Import flight data automatically from any airline confirmation email and get push alerts with real-time changes to your flight. Get Real-time flight itinerary updates and beautiful, zoom-able maps that even work offline!

2) Check In Easy – Guest List & Event Check-in Manager

This app is a simple and fast guest registration, check-in and management tool for events ranging from 2-20,000 people.

3) TeamViewer for Meetings

Participate in mobile meetings on the go! Join an online meeting from your iPad anytime, anywhere. This app allows you to participate in web-conferences spontaneously and with more flexibility.

4) Evernote

Evernote allows you to store everything from pictures, storyboards/inspirations, notes and audio recordings. It also gives you the functionality of sharing it with others via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail!

5) Sli-Do

By using this app, attendees can submit to the panel the questions that they want answered. Once submitted and moderated, the question will appear on an interactive wall allowing each one to be voted for – those with the most votes will be put forward to the panel. Therefore more unpopular questions will drop down the wall.

6) iBrainstorm (iPad) + iBrainstorm Companion (up to 4 iPhone)

This app is a multi-device collaboration tool from iPhone to iPad with just a flick of the finger. iBrainstorm Companion is used to connect to a running session of iBrainstrom on the iPad. It gives up to 4 people the ability to create ideas on their iPhones and ‘flick’ them over to the iPad!

7) Genie Connect

Genie Connect Web Event apps combine everything an organiser, client and attendee needs; but with usability applicable to everyone’s standards. By creating a web portal using the app’s ‘super simple’ CMS you are able to see who is at your event, what they are interested in and who they are connecting with! Attendees are able to network with other delegates, as well as sending meeting requests and highlighting their favourite sessions.

8) Moment Me

This app allows organisers to curate images of their event from a multitude of social networks. By creating a ‘moment’ you are able to harness an array of visual content that has been posted on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from your attendees. This increases participant engagement and allows other to interact with the event from all over the world whilst it’s happening!

9) Wild Goose

App for delegates visiting a foreign country.  This app offers something unique for event planners and allows users to form teams and explore the destination that they have visited whilst learning about the event. All the content is available via a QR code and therefore can be completely self-run. The content can be as creative as you like!

10) Memecube

Having a room full of delegates tweet throughout the day can leave an awful lot of information to sort through! With Memecube, organisers and attendees can sign into the app and it will automatically associate their tweets with the event itself, specific panels or keynote speakers. Memecube also offer incentives to those who use it including prizes for the most tweets and re-tweets, as well as recognising those delegates who have signed into the most sessions.

  • Bogdan

    Very good recommendations, it always depends on the type of events of course, but overall these apps are very good indications!