checklistDifferent types of events need different arrangements and your guests expect a certain level of service for an international conference, which may be different to an off-site event or a PR launch. We have used the key points and itineraries detailed here to run our events for years. They work for us and could work well for you too:

International Conferences

International Conferences are a fantastic way to bring guests together from all over the world to a central location. This is an opportunity to network, as well as giving your brand as much exposure as possible. Remember picking a great destination is key, but also your guests will appreciate it if you have allocated time for some sight-seeing. These check points and hints will help you get the most out of your International Conference. Download the full list here.

Off-Site events

Although off-sites include a working and conference element, they are predominantly an opportunity for groups to come together, so it is vital to create as much ‘organised free-time’ as possible. Read our 3 day itinerary on off-site events by downloading this PDF.

PR Launches

PR launches are very different events as they don’t always involve an overnight stay. Journalists get invited to a huge number of PR launches every week, so you need to ensure that your event stands out from the start. To read more about how to organise an unforgettable PR launch by downloading the full itinerary here.

Photo courtesy of  MT23