spainPlanning a conference can be stressful even more so when you are running a conference overseas in a Mediterranean resort. We have put together do’s and don’ts that will make your conference an experience delegates will not forget:


1. Ask your delegates to be prepared for cold and wet weather, even if the conference is in the spring and summer months. During a previous spring conference on The Amalfi Coast we experienced unusually cold, windy weather which had an impact on outdoor activities. Branded umbrellas and waterproofs are good to have to hand and greatly appreciated by your delegates if you are hit by an unexpected down pour.

2. Use the benefit of warmer climates and time differences to organise more outdoor activities. This will make the conference more interesting and enjoyable than being stuck indoors all day.

3. Always book for your group excursions in advance to avoid congestions, queues and the fear of missing out. Early mornings are the best times rather than the middle or end of the day. Group bookings also often come with perks such as lower prices, guides included and no queues.

4. Ensure that all UK resident delegates have a European Health Insurance Card. It’s free and quick to apply for online, and will allow them to receive free treatment whilst away.

5. Many EU countries are part of the Schengen agreement meaning visas will not always be necessary.  However do check the visa requirements for your destination country for all non EU nationals  as there are some surprising limitations.


1. Don’t travel during religious and school holidays. The resorts tend to be packed at these times and the rates will be inevitably higher than quieter times.

2. Don’t always organise coach trips to venues and events outside the resort. Give your delegates the chance to walk and experience the location in a guided group. We do however recommend transportation for the return journey, as delegates will not appreciate the same in the dark and after a dinner or excursion.

3. Be careful with your choice of venue.  Make sure that the conference facilities are well placed and not right next to the leisure centre. Delegates will appreciate their own breakout spaces and quiet conference hall.

4. Don’t play it safe with the typical food served at the resort. Work with the venue to create refreshing and locally sourced food and drink. Your delegates will enjoy something different and enjoy the experience of tasting Mediterranean food.